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For care partners, too

Club members need a strong network of family, friends and acceptance. We all do.

Caregivers needs education, support and time. Caregiving can become a 24-hour a day job, and caregiver burnout is very real. Better Day Club gives time to the Care Partner — time when you can be comfortable that the one you care for is actively engaged, and among people who understand their needs.

Better Day Club is a part of your plan. Think of Better Day Club as one piece of the care puzzle. For some families it’s all they need right now because they have stayed active and engaged. For others, it is just one piece of a puzzle that can involve family support, private duty caregivers, assisted living, long term care, and/or professional guardians.

When to join

Better Day Club is designed for people with early to mid stage Alzheimer's and other dementias. Maintaining cognitive and social engagement has been proven to slow the progression of the disease.

Waiting until the symptoms of the disease become prevalent may take the individual past the window during which they can benefit from Better Day Club, and during which we can accept them into the program. Our program is designed to help people remain in their community and their home.

Many families wait far too long to seek out support and resources. Better Day Club can help you have support now, while you determine next steps. We are designed to delay long term care, not to replace it. By starting earlier, the amount of time the individual remains actively engaged can be extended.