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What does it cost to attend?

Better Day Club is $100 per afternoon session, which includes lunch, snacks and all therapy services. Rates for special events may vary. There is an initial enrollment fee of $100 that is due at the time of enrollment.

Does insurance pay?

Medicare and other forms of health insurance do not cover the cost of adult day services. Long term care insurance may be billed for Adult Day Services and we also accept private payment. If you would like assistance activating your long term care insurance benefit, please let us know as we are happy to assist. .

How Will I Be Billed?

You will receive a bill at the end of each month for the prior month's attendance. No deposit is required and you are only billed for services received.


Better Day Club does not currently have a contract with the Veteran’s Administration. However, if you are a veteran, or the spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for an Aid and Attendance stipend to put toward the cost of care in or outside of your home. VA Aid and Attendance Pension is a monthly pension available to qualifying veterans or their surviving spouses.

If you are a veteran and have chosen not to receive VA medical care, you will need to enroll in order to potentially qualify for this benefit, or for other services such as respite care or other VA contracted in-home care services. Enrolling in the VA doesn’t mean that you must transfer your medical care. You will have to be seen by a VA physician initially to enroll and for some follow ups for specific services. If you are veteran, or the spouse of a veteran, please considering exploring this benefit. For those who qualify, this assistance can be the difference in affording care to help you remain in your home or in a supported living situation. The process can take as long as six months or more to complete. Emergence of need will not speed the process, so please explore this potential benefit as part of your long term financial planning.

Monroe County Veteran Affairs
214 West 7th Street, Suite 100
Bloomington, IN 47404