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A note from our executive director

Anything goes here — we’ve seen it all!
— Better Day Club participant

Welcome to Better Day Club! We are so happy you are taking the time to learn more about us. As you explore our program we hope that you will be inspired. At Better Day Club we work together every day to learn from each other and to build on the wonderful personalities, talents and interests that make us unique. Whether you are prospective member, a family member of someone who might join, a community member looking for a rewarding volunteer experience, a student seeking a rich practicum experience, we know you will find a point of connection here with us, and you will be changed.

Better Day Club is a place to belong for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We are not a healthcare facility and you won’t hear us say “adult day care.” We are working hard to create a safe, warm, welcoming space that is defined by the club members. Member ideas fill the activity calendar. Member stories and experiences fill our club with sounds and laughter. Club member and care partner needs inform and guide our service planning and growth. We believe in community. At Better Day Club we invite our community in and we seek ways to stay connected to the larger Bloomington community.

We thought that opening Better Day Club on October 9, 2013 would be the completion of a dream. We now know it was just the beginning of one. Bring us your ideas, talents and interests. We’ll find ways to connect and create some synergy! Not every day is a good day when someone is struggling with Alzheimer’s or cognitive changes. But every day can be a Better Day when we work together.