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Getting Involved

“I’m always close to you all.”
— Better Day Club participant

We are always seeking to build community around Better Day Club.

Volunteers are much appreciated and can help with everything from cleaning and office work to assisting with serving lunch and participating as a partner/friend for art therapy and other activities.

Community visitors usually spend 1-1.5 hours once a month or quarter, or sometimes just come one time. We are open to a wide variety of visitors and topics. Come and share a hobby, talent, pet, story, or engage us in conversation. Meeting new people, telling our stories, hearing your stories and learning new things are some of our favorite activities at Better Day Club.

Students: We love students! We routinely accept BSW, MSW, and SPEA practicum students. We have needs for students who need business, public health, and recreation internships. If you are  interested, we are happy to talk with you about building a practicum that will be a win-win!

Contact us via email or phone to request an information packet and to discuss volunteer opportunities and to find inspiration on what we might create together!