We are open for service to all, regardless of sexual orientation.
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Music And Memory Certified

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Better Day Club is an adult day program designed for individuals who are in the early to moderate stages of Alzheimer’s or another dementia or who have cognitive changes related to aging. We currently provide social and cognitive non-medical programming including:

“People ought to be understanding because it’s nothing you did. You didn’t bring it upon yourself.”
— Better Day Club participant

Art therapy, speech/language therapy for cognition, music therapy, socializing and emotional support are the cornerstones of our program. We also provide hot meals, healthy snacks, physical movement and so much more.


One of our club members.As one of our participants recently said, "Alzheimer's is not who we are." We could not agree more.

Activities are participant-driven. We decide as a group what we will be doing, and plans can adapt in the moment to what people want to do. The joys and sorrows of life events and of dealing with dementia are not glossed over — they are shared and received. Our club members help each other.

Most of all, we have fun together. We share, we laugh, we have great conversations, we sing, we play, we enjoy our lives.

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